Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators

EMIN aims to promote Elder Mediation and inspire excellence in its practice throughout the world. Our Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators has a key role to play in educating people about Elder Mediation and ensuring the highest ethical and professional standards in our work. Our goal is to have the Code translated into as many languages as possible so that families throughout the world can find out about and benefit from Elder Mediation. To date the Code has been translated from English into French, German and Mandarin. It is a living document which is under frequent scrutiny to ensure that it remains responsive to the needs of seniors worldwide.

Elder Mediation is a dynamic field of practice that is growing and developing in different jurisdictions throughout the world. In January 2014, EMIN Ethics Committee embarked on a review of EMIN Code of Ethics (the Code), with the intention of drawing on the knowledge and experience of mediators, individuals and organisations working with issues of ageing in different jurisdictions and cultures, to inform the development of the Code. The following Code reflects the work of this Review.

Sincere thanks to the many individuals and groups who contributed to this Review and to the past and present members of our Ethics Committee for their generosity and commitment including: Judy McCann Beranger (EMIN Founder and Executive member);  Viola Evans-Murley; Peter Mutch; Gabriela Peter; Anja von Rosenstiel; and Helen Harnett,  Chair of EMIN.

 – Margaret Bouchier, Chairperson, EMIN Ethics Committee, January 2017

Note: The eigth edition (November 2016) of the EMIN Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators is the current version of the Code in English. We are awaiting updated translations of the Code in other languages.

A noter: La cinquième édition (juin 2015) du Code de déontologie est la version actuelle du Code en anglais. Nos attendons une mise à jour de la traduction française du Code.

Mitteilung: Die fünfte Fassung (Juno 2015) des EMIN Verhaltenskodex für die Berufsausübung als Elder Mediator ist die aktuelle Fassung des Kodex in Englisch. Wir warten auf eine aktualisierte Neufassung der Berufsregeln in deutscher Übersetzung.

现行英文版EMIN 老年调解员道德准则为2015 年6月更新的第五版。该道德准则的其他语言版本正在翻译中。

Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators – English (Revised November, 2016)

Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators – French

Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators – German

Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators – Mandarin