Executive Board

Helen Harnett
Chair, EMIN

Helen Harnett

Helen Harnett is currently Chair of the Elder Mediation International Network. Having practised idely in family and workplace mediation, she was attracted to elder mediation following the 2009 EMIN World Summit in Dublin. She trained with Judy McCann Beranger and gained EMIN accreditation in 2012.

Colleen Currie


Colleen is an Accredited Elder Mediator with Family Mediation Canada (FMC). In 2008, she was the first recipient of the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) Sherren Leadership Award. Colleen is also an Accredited Family Mediator with Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM), and is a past president of that organization.

Margaret Bouchier
Chair, Ethics Committee


Based in Dublin, Ireland, Margaret (Mags) is an experienced mediator, facilitator and trainer. Since 2004, she has specialized in the delivery of discrete interventions to workplace, commercial and inter-generational conflicts and in the development of strategies to promote collaborative development…

Judy McCann
Chair, World Summits

Judy M. Beranger

Judy McCann-Beranger is Employee Assistance Coordinator for Teachers in NL in Canada. She is an International trainer, bestselling author, guest lecturer and certified Family Mediation Canada Family Comprehensive Mediator and Elder Mediator. Judy pioneered training for elder mediators in 1994…

Elizabeth Reagh

Elizabeth Reagh

Q.C.,Cert.CFM, Cert. EM, Lawyer, Mediator, is one of the pioneers of mediation with age-related issues and was instrumental in highlighting the service on the world stage. Reagh provided support and expertise to many non profit organizations and has served on numerous Boards, both in her professions of law and mediation and also in her community life.

Martina Pruckner


Mag. Martina Pruckner, registered mediator (workplace mediation, elder mediation, health & social care mediation), legal adviser, ethics consultant (health and social care), conflict and bullying consultant…

Dale Bagshaw

Dale bagshaw

After 36 years as an academic, Dale is an adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy, University of South Australia where she was previously Head of School, Director of Postgraduate Studies…

Greg M. Beranger

A strong advocate for mediation in all its forms – both in Canada and internationally. He is a founding member of Family Mediation Canada (FMC), Mediation PEI, Elder Mediation Canada and the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN). He is presently the Registrar for both the FMC and EMIN Elder Mediation Certification Programs…