Dublin, Ireland – 2009

O’Connell Street, Dublin
The second World Summit & Symposium on Elder Mediation was held in Dublin, Ireland – June 8, 9, 10th 2009. Ireland will be the gateway to Europe for Elder Mediation. Our Irish hosts led by President Maurice O’Connoll presented an excellent agenda highlighting all that is new and the many success stories from families who had personally experienced mediation. Our hosts received interest from several countries and were pleased to be able to highlight elder mediation in their own country developing and enhancing partnerships that will not only benefit families but will likely benefit the future of health care as it now exits. Canada’s Ambassador, the Honourable Patrick Binns hosted Summit organizers and attendees for an evening at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin. Several mediators have completed their certification requirements and were presented with their due recognition during the Summit. The second Bonnie and LeRoy Sherren Award was presented to acknowledge and recognize the valuable contributions and achievements of excellence to the field of elder mediation. Several nominations were submiited for this year’s recogntion – the award was presented to Judy McCann-Beranger from Canada for her pioneering work in the development of Elder Mediation.

Mediators, lawyers, social workers, physicians, geriatricians, health care professionals, volunteers, family members, caregivers, academics, students, advocates, service clubs and professionals practicing elder mediation attended more than 20 workshops over 3 busy days – an amazing experience!

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