Linz, Austria - 2016

Linz_Austria_5The Elder Mediation International Network

8th World Summit & Symposium on Mediation with Age Related Issues

LFI Hotel & Conference Centre
Linz, Austria
May 2 – 4, 2016


The Elder Mediation International Network and Elder Mediation Austria are pleased to announce that arrangements for the 8th World Summit & Symposium on Mediation with Age Related Issues to be held in Linz, Austria are now in place. The planning group has been busy confirming speakers, accommodations and activities for visitors to this magnificent city. We anticipate a host of new topics to share with all who are interested and dedicated to continuous learning and stimulating conversations about this important and growing field.

Monday, May 2 – Wednesday, May 4, 2016

LFI Hotel & Conference Center  – Linz, Austria

For more information about the Summit, this venue and for tourist information regarding Linz, Austria please select the following links:

Summit Program – English  (This document provides the latest information with updates as the Summit date draws closer!)

Summit Program – German

Elder Mediation Austria – (This link to Elder Mediation Austria provides the latest Linz Summit information in German.)

Call for Papers/Presentations

LFI Conference Center

Tourism Austria

Tourism Linz

Summit attendees will need to organise their own accommodation, if required. Below are some suggestions for accommodations in Linz:

LFI Hotel (Summit site – limited rooms available)

Linz Accommodation


* EMIN Members:   400€        [after Mar. 31, 2016] – Click Here

Non Members:         439€        [after Mar. 31, 2016] – Click Here

Students:                 250€         – Click Here

N.B.  – Website registration page provides a tool on right sidebar to easily convert your country’s currency to euros.

– We apologize for the changes in registration rates from those first advertised in the Call for Papers document several months ago. The dramatic drop in the value of the Canadian dollar combined with the inability of our website’s Commerce/PayPal account to accept different payment amounts in different currencies, necessitated the changes.

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See you at the Summit!
2016 Planning Committee


Thanks to Summit 2016 Donors:

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To date EMIN has organized seven international summits (2008-2014) and has introduced an International Certification Program. An internationally accepted Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators is being utilized in many countries and is available in English, German, French and Mandarin.  Elder Mediation world summits have been held in Canada, Ireland, United States, Switzerland and Scotland and Australia connecting hundreds of people from more than 15 countries – mediators, lawyers, gerontologists, social workers, physicians, health care professionals, volunteers, family members, caregivers, academics, students, service clubs and professionals considering entering this new field of practice – coming together to share their knowledge, vision and questions.

The summits are a testimony of the support and collegiality of numerous individuals and organizations who have supported the goals of EMIN. Such collaboration has enabled elder mediators from different parts of the world, and often from different disciplines and backgrounds, to work together.  What they share, along with their knowledge, is a recognition of the uniqueness of Elder Mediation wherein those who can incorporate a legal perspective and a social sciences perspective together with a family mediation approach will enthusiastically welcome the presence and collaborative involvement of participants at the Elder Mediation table.

Past summits have called for much needed advocacy, high standards through certification, continued learning opportunities and continued research – both quantitative and qualitative – to provide concrete knowledge regarding the effects of elder mediation with families. This will lead to the development of further knowledge and programs driven by evidence-based practice. Steadily people are becoming aware of, and participating in, elder mediation services; pilot programs are increasing and outcomes are encouraging. Future world summits will continue to be a venue where interested and invested parties will be present for a conversation around how to best strengthen the elder mediation service. By taking an international approach and reviewing what people have learned, as well as heightening our awareness of what needs to be learned, the profession of elder mediation is coming to be understood and utilized.