EMIN’s mission is to promote elder mediation and to ensure quality in the practice of elder mediation. The international certification programme and Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators are the cornerstones of professional practice.  We believe that families and referring agencies have the right to becertain that elder mediators have the skills, knowledge and sensitivities to mediate effectively.

EMIN also runs Elder Mediation World Summits to promote elder mediation in a specific country and to provide a forum for research and networking.

As a member of EMIN, you will belong to a community of elder mediators which spans the globe, from North America to Europe to Australia. As excellence in practice is our goal, the EMIN website provides lots of opportunities for professional development through training resources, webinars and the sharing of information and views. EMIN members also benefit from reductions in fees for World Summits, webinars and resources.