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The Elder Mediation International Network’s Certification Program continues to gain international recognition; it reflects the highest standards in education, training and experience for elder mediators. Our Certification Program embodies a comprehensive training process as well as a rigorous assessment of each elder mediation candidate. EMIN’s Certification Program also requires on-going training.

EMIN’s Code of Ethics was developed with input from around the world and continues to be the ‘gold standard’ for elder mediators. It is the foundation for our Certification Program, and has been successfully adapted to meet the unique requirements of elder mediators from many different countries.


Health charities, seniors’ organizations, government and non-government organizations involved with issues of aging are well positioned to advocate for elder mediation as a valuable service for the families and other groups utilizing their services. Referral is a necessary component of these organizations, and referral to qualified, informed professionals who adhere to a standard, is a necessary component for these referral systems. The Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) recognizes the need for both a national and international standard for certification of mediators specializing in issues of aging – one which assures the competency of mediators and speaks with a strong and credible voice. The goal of EMIN is to promote a consistent standard for elder mediators through accreditation and continuing education. This is now an international standard in terms of advocacy, professional credibility and assurance to referral systems. The general public would be assured that EMIN certified elder mediators are both committed and competent.

Certification Process

Elder mediation certification candidates will have opportunities to demonstrate their empathic qualities, values, mediation skills, ability, and knowledge. They will demonstrate their commitment to self-empowerment and self-determination and demonstrate learning in the general area of age related issues and the family life cycle.

Requirements to apply

Mediators seeking certification will not be obliged to join EMIN prior to certification. On completion of certification, newly certified mediators will be entitled to free membership of EMIN for a year. After the first year they will be required to pay membership fees to maintain certification.  Click here to join

In addition, to become a certified Elder Mediator (Cert.EM), a candidate must:

  • already be a nationally accredited mediator;
  • complete 100 hours of age related elder mediation training in the following subject areas:
    • current and future profiles of seniors in your country/region; family life cycle; family dynamics; intergenerational dynamics.
    • recognizing and responding to elder abuse & neglect
    • knowledge of legislation in your country relevant to elder mediation, capacity and elder abuse
    • identifying and dealing with power dynamics involving and affecting older people with and without capacity
    • the nature and impact of bereavement, grief and loss
    • the impact of ageism, sexism and cultural diversity
    • understanding dementia & age-related diseases and how to assess, manage and accommodate capacity issue
    • financial & estate issues for identifying areas of concern and referral
    • ethics and ethical issues relevant to elder mediation
    • facilitating and writing agreements in elder mediation
    • Advance Care Directives – Power of Attorney & Guardianship – relevant to your country/region/state

Candidates who have previously completed training in the age related issues specified above will not be required to repeat this training if they can provide evidence of same.Certified elder mediators must have current membership in their local mediation accrediting organization and adhere to the Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators. They must also hold liability insurance for the practice of mediation.

Application Process

To enter the certification process the following are required:

  • submission of  a completed application (available online – see below)
  • detailed information about 5 of your mediation cases (live cases and/or role plays)
  • curriculum vitae
  • proof of liability insurance
  • at least two letters of reference
  • the candidate is expected to hold a university degree in a related discipline unless the equivalent in work and life experience can be supported, validated and agreed upon.
  • payment of an initial application fee of 50€ – Click here to Pay


  • Once the candidate has met all the requirements as detailed in the initial application form above, then the remainder of the Certification Fee (300€) is due – Click here to Pay
  • Role Play Video – The applicant will be required to present a role play or live demonstration that will be evaluated by an approved assessor. This can be done by submitting a role play video of an elder mediation for evaluation. A self evaluation of the segment will be requested. If the applicant does not meet minimum requirements an interview will be held and the role play may be repeated upon request and within ten months of the original demonstration.
  • After the skills assessment has been successfully completed a written, three hour exam will be required. The exam may be completed at a time and place mutually agreed by the candidate and the Registrar. The candidate is responsible to secure the services of an invigilator – without a conflict of interest – who will oversee the on-site exam process.
  • The process timelines for the EMIN Certification process are available by clicking here.

Certification Documents

The following Certification Documents are available for download to assist with the process:

Certification Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of certification requires a yearly statement of annual training and practice. Knowledge of evidence based research and its implications to the practice of elder mediation will be expected. At least 15 hours of training and professional development is necessary as well as 10 hours of elder mediations/co-mediations/coaching opportunities a year.

Note: – The practice guidelines and the process for certification are the result of EMIN’s continuing consultation and collaboration with international mediation associations, researchers and practitioners to establish uniform standards for elder mediators. As a leader in the field of elder mediation, EMIN continually makes changes to the certification process to reflect the growth in the field and emerging trends.

For more details about the requirements to become a Certified Elder Mediator (Cert.EM) please direct your inquiries here:

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Greg McCann-Beranger, MSW, Cert.EM
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