EMIN World Summit 2018 and Update

Dear EMIN member,         

We are delighted to announce that the 2018 EMIN World Summit will take place in Bristol, UK from May 14 to May 16, 2018. 

I would also like to update you on what has been achieved since January 2016 by the EMIN Board and Committees:

1 Launch of the new widely praised EMIN website at www.elder-mediation-international.net

2 A highly successful Elder Mediation World Summit in Linz, Austria from May 2 to May 2016.

3 Completion of the Review of the EMIN Code of Ethics.  The final version is available on our website.

4 The International Certification Committee has recommended minimum requirements for Cert.EM Certification Maintenance which will come into force at your renewal date in 2018.  We will send further details as soon as these requirements have been finalised.

5 EMIN was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in Ireland on March 8, 2016.  This step was necessary for banking purposes and also to facilitate online payments. With incorporation came the need to submit annual accounts to the Revenue Commissioners; we have retained accountants Nolan and Partners to assist the Treasurer with this task.  In addition there are requirements in relation to non-financial aspects of compliance and the drafting of by-laws which we are currently addressing. We are also in the process of preparing an application for Charitable Status for EMIN with a view to an exemption from an annual tax liability of 12.5%.

A lot has been achieved thanks to the skills, generosity and huge commitment of the Committee Chairs, Judy McCann Beranger, Margaret Bouchier and Greg McCann Beranger, the Treasurer, Colleen Currie and Board members Dale Bagshaw, Martina Pruckner and Elizabeth Reagh. Martina has retired from the Board due to the pressure of other commitments.  We thank her for her excellent work as Co-Chair of the Linz Summit and as a very active member of the International Certification Committee. Brian O’Neill has joined the Board and he will also act as Company Secretary.

Kind regards,

Helen Harnett

Chair EMIN




Meet EMIN’s latest Certified Elder Mediator

Congratulations to Ian J. Fletcher from Tasmania, Australia who recently completed the Elder Mediation Certification Program, thereby entitling him to use EMIN’s  coveted “Cert.EM” designation.

Ian J. Fletcher, BAgSc, GCCo, GDipConlictMgt, Cert.EM

In 2003 Ian started his elder mediator work since he wondered what to do on becoming aware of elder abuse levels.  Ian has a passion for good family meetings in advance of a crisis.  The kitchen table with open, honest, controlled talking is perfect. Even where there are critical and conflicted issues, the development of a respectful practical path can be found. 

Ian Fletcher
Hobart, Tasmania – Australia


Why are elder mediators drawn to EMIN certification?

Experienced,  locally accredited mediators from a wide range of cultural contexts seek EMIN accreditation. What attracts them? Check out Helen Harnett’s article   ‘EMIN: the quality mark in elder mediation’ which was published in Perspektive Mediation (1-16) and  has recently been added to the  research and  publications section on our website.







1st Australian Mediators to Achieve Elder Mediation Certification!

Kevin Lonsdale and Dale Bagshaw recently became the first mediators from the Australasian region to complete the Elder Mediation Certification Program, thereby entitled to use EMIN’s  coveted “Cert.EM” designation.

Kevin Lonsdale, B.Tech(Eng), DipLaw(LPAB), AssocDipMechEng, GradDipLegalPractice, Grad Cert Conflict Mgt, Cert EM. Lawyer, of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory.Canberra, Australia.

Australia has one of the highest life expectancies of people in the world. In 2014 the number 65 years and older was 3.4 million, 15% of the population. Projections are that by 2064, this will increase to 11.5 million, 28% of the population. As Australia’s first internationally certified elder mediator, I have the expertise and training, to assist older people and their families to discuss and agree on their own plans, for the future.


Dale Bagshaw, Dip.Soc.Stud, BA, M.Soc.Stud, PhD., Cert.EM. Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Psychology Social Work & Social Policy, University of South Australia.

At the 10th National Mediation Conference Dale was dubbed ‘grandmother’ of mediation in Australia and in 2014 was awarded the Michael Klug LEADR Award “for her many, very varied and enduringly significant innovations in the Australasian DR landscape over many years”. She has led many national research teams, including those focused on family violence, elder abuse and elder mediation,  In April 2013, Dale co-convened the 6th World Summit on Mediation with Age-Related Issues in Adelaide and received EMIN’s Sherren Award for leadership in this field. She subsequently established and Chairs the Elder Mediation Australasian Network (www.elder-mediation.com.au). Dale is a member of EMIN’s Board and Certification Committee.


Process Timelines for Elder Mediation Certification

A document clearly reviewing the process guidelines for EMIN’s Elder Mediation Certification Program has recently been added to the “Become a Certified Elder Mediator” page of our website. This will be of particular interest to those considering, or already in the process of, becoming a certified elder mediator. Check out the website or just click on the following link to view the document:


Revised EMIN Code of Ethics

The EMIN Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Review of the EMIN Code of Ethics has now been completed. The final version of  the enriched Code of Ethics  is available at http://elder-mediation-international.net/code-professional-conduct/  on the EMIN website. The revised Code contains many updates and additions which will be of interest to elder mediators. Well worth a read!

A huge thank you to Ethics Committee Chair, Mags Bouchier and Committee members Judy McCann Beranger, Helen Harnett, Gabriela Peter and  Anja von Rosenstiel for their excellent work. Special thanks also to all who made submissions to the Committee in Australia, Europe and North America.

Understanding Dementia – Free Online Course

Here’s an amazing opportunity to participate in a free online course offered by the University of Tasmania. The training can be used towards your EMIN certification hours! Check it out at:



Revised Edition of the Code of Conduct for Elder Mediators

The EMIN Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the latest revision of the Code of Conduct for Elder Mediators has been released and is available here and on the EMIN website! Kudos to Ethics Committee Chair, Mags Bouchier and her amazing Committee!

Message from the Registrar

News from down under!

With the recent completion of Dale Bagshaw’s Elder Mediation Training Course in Adelaide, Australia.we are anticipating a host of new applicants from “down under” for Elder Mediation Certification. Who will be the first Australian to achieve their Cert.EM status?


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